MG MG6 Brake master cylinder replacement

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MG MG6 Brake master cylinder replacement

When do MG MG6 brake master cylinders need to be replaced?

The brake master cylinder on your MG MG6 is a hydraulic pump that converts your brake pedal pressure to hydraulic pressure. This pressure pushes brake fluid through the brake lines and hoses, forcing brake pads to squeeze onto the brake rotor and/or force the brake shoes outwards against the brake drum.

A master cylinder is under pressure and overtime with normal wear and tear it can fail and require replacement. The usual culprit of failure are the seals inside the master cylinder, they can wear out and create leaks in the MG MG6's brake system.

Some modern vehicles will have sensors that detect brake fluid level drops or a change in pressure and warn you of an issue by illuminating the brake light in the instrument panel. Otherwise, you may notice the MG MG6's brake pedal feels spongy or there is no pedal resistance and it goes straight to the floor.

If you detect a problem with the brake master cylinder it is not safe to drive as your brakes won't be working properly and may not work at all. If the master cylinder has failed the MG MG6 is deemed inoperable and the brake master cylinder will need to be replaced before it can be driven again.

As a critical component on your MG MG6, it’s best to have a professional complete the job, which is why AutoGuru will come in handy.

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