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Morris 1300 Brake light bulb replacement

Why do I have to keep replacing my Morris 1300 brake light bulbs?

At the back end of your Morris 1300, the brake lights illuminate and alert traffic around you that you’re slowing down or stopping.

They can and will burn out eventually and will need to be changed out for a new bulb at some point. AutoGuru can help you with that!

If the same brake light keeps going out an auto electrician may need to look at the socket. The connections may be corroded, dirty, or it could be a poor wiring connection and power isn't getting to the bulb consistently.

Failing brake lights can increase the risk of an accident as other traffic can't see when your braking and may hit the back of your Morris 1300.

Bulbs are fragile and not the most reliable and steadfast vehicle components, so check them regularly and have them replaced them you notice one has blown. 

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