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Jeep Brake drum replacement

Do Brake Drums Need To Be Replaced On My Jeep?

When you brake in your Jeep a high portion of the brake force is placed on the front brakes as the momentum and weight of the vehicle is travelling forward as you brake. Due to this modern vehicles have front disc brakes to handle the load.

When it comes to rear brakes the type of brake system a Jeep uses can vary as performance or heavier vehicles typically have rear disc brakes however more lightweight vehicles will still have the older style drum brakes fitted to the rear.

Rear drum brakes are a durable design that works fine for lighter weight vehicles and everyday driving since they only have to handle about 30% of the vehicles brake force. Drum brakes also don't wear out as quickly which is a bonus if your vehicle is fitted with them.

Brakes don't last forever though and issues can arise. If you notice any difference in the brake pedal, vibrations on braking or noises and if your handbrake isn't working efficiently it's time to get the Jeep brakes looked at, as soon as possible.

Rear drum brakes will wear out over time relative to the type of braking you do, and will eventually require replacement. When the time comes for your brake drum replacement, AutoGuru comes in quite handy.