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Lotus Elan Brake caliper replacement

When do Lotus Elan brake calipers need to be replaced?

On your Lotus Elan, the brake calipers effectively squeeze your brake pads onto a spinning rotor to force your vehicle to stop.

It’s possible for brake calipers to seize or fail, especially if you haven’t taken care of your brakes, and they may need to be replaced at some point.

We hear a lot about brake pads and brake rotors but not so much about brake calipers. They still play a crucial role in stopping the vehicle however they are not something that will need to be replaced as frequently.  

The brake caliper is where the hydraulics and the force get to play. When you push on the brake pedal, hydraulic brake fluid is forced down brake lines, generating enough pressure to push in the pistons on the brake caliper.

These pistons push the brake pads against the moving rotor to slow a Lotus Elan down. The brake calipers also hold the brake pads in place so the pads don't fall out while driving, so they really do play an important role in the safety of a vehicle.

If the brake calipers aren't functioning correctly the Lotus Elan may pull to one side when braking, there may be odd noises coming from the brakes, you may notice a brake fluid leak and brake pads may wear unevenly.

Lotus Elan brake calipers can experience sticking pistons, develop a leak and loss pressure or become damaged and worn over time. In a perfect world, they could last the life of the vehicle or more realistically need replacing every 10 years or so.

If you do suspect your brake calipers need to be replaced AutoGuru can put you in touch with the brake experts.

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