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Daimler Double Six Boot lock assembly replacement

Does my Daimler Double Six boot/tailgate lock assembly need to be replaced?

Your Daimler Double Six boot/tailgate lock assembly is the mechanism that allows you to lock, unlock and open your boot. It can be actuated with a key lock, a remote button/lever inside the car or as part of the central locking system on the key.

When your Daimler Double Six boot/tailgate lock fails it will need to be opened manually and the interior trim removed from the tailgate or boot lid. Then the boot lock assembly can usually be accessed. If it needs to be replaced it will be unplugged or disconnected from a cable (or both) and from there it can be unbolted, removed and replaced.

Daimler Double Six boot/tailgate locks can fail due to the actuator malfunctioning, it is usually more cost and time effective to replace the actuator over repairing it. Or, if you use a key and not a remote trigger to access the boot or tailgate, sometimes the lock cylinder becomes faulty and isn't triggering the latch when you turn the key.

The easiest way to get your Daimler Double Six boot or tailgate lock replaced is to book it in with one of the experienced mechanics on AutoGuru to take the hard work out of it and make the process as easy as possible.

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