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Jaguar XF Car Battery Replacement

Why do Jaguar XF batteries need to replaced?

The battery is the main source of electrical power in your Jaguar XF.

It gives power to all the electrical components in your Jaguar XF – including the starter motor, fuel pump, engine control computer (when the driver turns the key), and also allows the vehicle to start.

It also supplies power to the radio, headlights and other electrical components inside the car which provides entertainment and information to the driver.

If you neglect your battery and charging system, you may get stranded with a vehicle that won’t start!

The average battery replacement starts at around $150 and can increase to $550+ depending on the brand selected and the type required.

Battery design has changed and battery prices have increased due to the new requirements needed in modern vehicles. Extra comforts and safety features have meant more power to support these electrical components.

Battery life has definitely seen improvement however all batteries eventually can't be charged anymore and eventually die. A Jaguar XF battery is no different, the more strain you place on a power source the sooner it will deteriorate however this also can happen from inactivity. 

If a Jaguar XF sits for long periods of time without being used it's a good idea to disconnect the battery and if you have added electrical accessories and components it could be worth upgrading the battery or looking at dual battery systems.

Batteries do have a habit of dying at the wrong time or in the middle of winter when the last thing you want is to be standing next to your car in the freezing cold. It's a good idea to have a battery health check carried out regularly to makes sure it is charging properly.

Some signs of a failing battery are headlights dimming, harder to start and a clicking noise when turning the key. If one or all of these are happening it's a good time to book a battery health check.

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