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Morris 1100 Ball joint replacement

When do Morris 1100 ball joints need to be replaced?

Ball joints are part of the suspension. The joint connects the steering knuckle to the control arm, which provides pivoting movement between the two components so the Morris 1100 can be manoeuvred smoothly.

The ball joints on your Morris 1100 will eventually need to be replaced due to wear, although your driving habits can dictate how soon that might be.

A ball joint is made up of a bearing stud and a socket or housing. They do a similar job to a hip or shoulder in a person. The stud sits inside a socket or housing where it can rotate and move around.

Ball joints are made out of plastic or metal and need to be filled with a lubricant to make sure they can move freely. If the ball joint is old, damaged or dirt, water, and other contaminants get into the ball joint, it will start to deteriorate and become noisy.

When a Morris 1100 ball joint starts to fail you may experience a clunking noise in the front suspension, tyre wear, road wandering and some vibration.

Because a ball joint plays an important part of the suspension and steering when it eventually fails it will need to be replaced, reach out to AutoGuru if you need an expert to handle the job.

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