Land Rover Discovery Sport Auto transmission wont go into neutral

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Land Rover Discovery Sport Auto transmission wont go into neutral

Why doesn't my Land Rover Discovery Sport automatic transmission go into neutral?

There are various reasons why your Land Rover Discovery Sport transmission might have trouble going into neutral:

  • Shift lock solenoid - The shift lock solenoid is the reason why you can't take your vehicle out of park when the vehicle is off and your foot is not on the brake. it can also cause issues when selecting gears if it is not operating properly
  • Ignition barrel - The ignition barrel works in conjunction with the shift lock solenoid so if it is not operating correctly it can cause the shift lock solenoid to not actuate properly
  • Faulty shifter mechanism - The shifter can have trouble shifting in between the gears if the bushes are worn or the cable is broken or damaged
  • Faulty shifter cable - Most automatic transmissions have a cable that runs from the shifter to the transmission if it is broken or damaged it can prevent the gears from selecting properly
  • Failing transmission - There could be a fault inside the transmission that is causing the issue

If you notice any of the following issues it may be time to book your Land Rover Discovery Sport in for a transmission diagnosis:  

  • It is hard to shift into gear or it takes a while to go into gear once selected
  • There is movement in the Land Rover Discovery Sport's shifter

It is important to get your transmission repaired as soon as you start to notice something not working the way it should, in most cases the longer you leave it the more expensive it is to fix. 

You could also find yourself stuck and up for an expensive tow to your local workshop if it fails completely.

Here at AutoGuru, we have the best customer rated transmission repairers that can help you with all your Land Rover Discovery Sport transmission needs. We make it hassle-free and easy!

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