Air intake replacement

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Lada Riva/Nova/kalinka Estate Air intake replacement

Lada Riva/Nova/kalinka Estate air intake replacement

The internal combustion engine (ICE) on your Lada Riva/Nova/kalinka Estate requires oxygen as part of the combustion process. Without a good supply of air, your Lada Riva/Nova/kalinka Estate can be difficult to start, it may stall, lose power, idle roughly and consume more fuel. It’s very likely you will notice when your Lada Riva/Nova/kalinka Estate is not getting the oxygen it needs.

With the number of elements involved in the air intake process on a Lada Riva/Nova/kalinka Estate, diagnosing a problem will require examination of various components. The MAF sensor could be blocked, the air filter may be dirty, the air filter box may be cracked or the air intake hose may be split. Any time that air is impeded or escaping the system can cause issues.

The cost to fix an air intake problem can vary greatly depending on the exact issue with your Lada Riva/Nova/kalinka Estate but it could cost between $50 to $500. The solution may be something simple like replacing a damaged hose, or it may be a more expensive fix like replacing an air flow sensor.

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