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Air Conditioning Pressure Switch Replacement

How much does a Saab 9-3 air conditioning pressure switch replacement cost?

Air conditioning (A/C) is a basic necessity for many Saab 9-3 owners.

When your A/C is not operating at its best, it can be a major inconvenience.

If the A/C is not working at all, well, this could signify a complete catastrophe, especially in an Australian summer.

When an A/C pressure switch fails you might only realise it’s not working when your Saab 9-3 doesn’t cool down.

The low-pressure switch needs to detect enough A/C refrigerant pressure to close the circuit and the high-pressure switch will remain closed unless the refrigerant pressure gets too high and then it will open the circuit.

If a switch detects too little or too much pressure the circuit will remain open and no power will proceed to the compressor clutch.

If your Saab 9-3’s compressor was to operate with the wrong refrigerant pressure it will damage the unit.

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