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Chevrolet Air conditioning low-pressure hose replacement

Chevrolet Air Conditioning Low-Pressure Hose Replacement

The air conditioning (A/C) system in your Chevrolet involves a lot more than a button on the cabin centre console. Behind the scenes, the system comprises a compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier, relay, switches and refrigerant.

The system is essentially split into two sections - a high-pressure side and a low-pressure side and the refrigerant in your Chevrolet’s is transformed between a gas and liquid depending on whether it is under high or low pressure.

The refrigerant is circulated through the A/C system. It does this via tubes and hoses and as the refrigerant moves from the evaporator to the compressor in your Chevrolet, it is under low-pressure, so the hose required is a low-pressure hose.

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