Mercedes-Benz SLC Air conditioning high-pressure hose replacement

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Mercedes-Benz SLC Air conditioning high-pressure hose replacement

Does your Mercedes-Benz SLC need a new air conditioning high-pressure hose?

You turn on your Mercedes-Benz SLC's air conditioning, but ten minutes later you realise that it’s still hot and sticky. What’s going on? You push the button and ramp up the fan, but all you get is a blast of hot air in the face.

Your HVAC in your Mercedes-Benz SLC uses a refrigerant that transforms from a gas to a liquid in cycles as it travels through different components of the HVAC system. It serves the function of absorbing heat and also helps in dispersing cold air.

The refrigerant travels as a gas under high pressure from the compressor to the condenser and then as a liquid from the condenser to the dryer. In these sections of the process, the refrigerant flows through AC high-pressure hoses.

The high side AC high-pressure hose is specifically designed and constructed to withstand pressure, heat and to contain the refrigerant. If your Mercedes-Benz SLC's air conditioning isn't cooling there could be a leak around the hose or it could be damaged.

If AC components need to be replaced it needs to be done by certified technicians. Do not attempt DIY due to the high-pressure gas and liquid involved.

If you notice the AC is not working or that there are leaks around the high-pressure hose, have the system looked at as soon as possible.

Do not run your HVAC system if you suspect a refrigerant leak. If you continue to run your AC with low or no refrigerant then you will eventually damage other components.

Replacing a high-pressure hose is a less expensive alternative to damaging the whole system, which can happen!

You could be up for thousands of dollars to repair the HVAC system if a high-pressure hose is not fixed.

Need your Mercedes-Benz SLC air conditioning high-pressure hose replaced and looking for an expert to do the job?

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