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Jaguar XJ6 Series I Air conditioner condenser replacement

Why would I need to replace my Jaguar XJ6 Series I air conditioner condenser?

The air conditioning system on your Jaguar XJ6 Series I uses many components to keep you cool. One of the most important is the condenser.

This acts as a radiator to cool the refrigerant that has just been compressed and turned into a vapour by the air conditioning compressor.

If the condenser fails on your JaguarXJ6 Series I, it will not be able to cool the vapour and the air conditioning system won’t function properly.

During the hot Australian summer, this will leave you feeling hot under the collar!

An air-conditioning condenser replacement usually starts around the $500 mark, and depending on the vehicle and location of the condenser, this can increase to $900+

A XJ6 Series I XJ6 Series I condenser could fail due to dirt and grime build-up or it may develop a leak and refrigerant escapes the a/c system.

The most obvious sign that the air condenser has failed is the a/c won't be cold, you may also notice a leak from the a/c system or a bad smell from the Jaguar XJ6 Series I's air vents. 

Air conditioning is a great tool to use when windows are fogging up, a quick blast of air can create a clear view of the road ahead so it's a good idea to get the A/C serviced every couple of years and turn it on for 10 mins every fortnight to keep the coolant in circulation.

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