Haval H2 ABS/Wheel speed sensor replacement

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Haval H2 ABS/Wheel speed sensor replacement

Is it important to replace my Haval H2 ABS/wheel speed sensor?

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) on your Haval H2 is a secondary defence that prevents you from locking up your brakes. It tells your car’s computer when to activate the ABS system, preventing your brakes from locking up so you can steer safely.

ABS sensors, also known as wheel speed sensors, are critical in determining when the ABS system should activate.

A wheel speed sensor is an electrical component to measure the rotation of a wheel. There are usually wheel speed sensors at every wheel on Haval H2's installed with anti-lock brakes, either integrated into the wheel hub assembly or bolted to the steering knuckle.

The sensor itself is a magnetic pickup that determines the position of a rotating trigger wheel. The ABS sensors monitor each wheel simultaneously, then their reading is received by a central ABS module.

Each sensor’s reading is compared to the vehicle speed and to each other in real-time to determine if ABS brakes should activate. If one sensor is not reading consistent information or is not transmitting a reading at all, it will need to be replaced.

In normal, everyday driving conditions Haval H2 ABS sensors might never fail. However, corrosion or damage to the wiring or the sensor itself can happen, causing faulty readings or no reading at all, and it will need to be replaced.

You should expect at least 100,000km before an ABS or wheel speed sensor replacement is required. Haval H2's operated in dusty regions or in coastal areas with salty air will usually experience problems more often. When a wheel speed sensor is failing you may notice:

  • The ABS warning light is illuminated
  • ABS brakes activate erroneously
  • The brakes lock up on hard application
  • The Traction Control warning may illuminate as well

Damage or corrosion to ABS system wiring can cause symptoms that mimic a failed wheel speed sensor. Professional diagnosis is critical to avoid unnecessary repairs.

Driving your car with a faulty ABS sensor can put you and your occupants in danger of an accident as you may not be able to safely stop your car.

When your Haval H2 needs the ABS sensors replaced AutoGuru will come in very handy!

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