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Average rating for Steering vibration inspection


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Average rating for Steering vibration inspection


4.3 • based on 27 reviews of 27 businesses

Steering Vibration Inspection

Why is my steering vibrating?

Feeling a vibration coming through the steering of your vehicle can be unsettling, especially if you're travelling at a higher speed.

There are a number of different causes for a steering vibration and depending on your vehicle and the type of driving you are doing, you might not notice them until the problem has manifested itself.

This is where a steering vibration inspection on AutoGuru comes in.

How does the steering system operate?

The steering system starts in the cabin with the steering wheel. This is attached to the steering column, which transmits the inputs of the driver through the steering rack and tie rods (also known as track rods).

This moves the wheels in the direction required and the vehicle turns.

All modern vehicles feature power assistance, whether electrical or hydraulic, to aid the driver in steering the vehicle easily with little effort.

Common Reasons for Steering Vibration

  • Wheels out of Balance:
    When new tyres are fitted to your wheels, they require balancing to ensure there are no vibrations. If some of the weights used fall off, or are incorrectly fitted, vibrations at certain speeds may occur.

  • Damaged Wheels or Tyres:
    Depending on your driving style or quality of the roads, wheel and tyre damage may occur from hitting potholes, gutters and other debris. Wheels and tyres that are out-of-round will cause vibrations and may damage other components if not rectified as soon as possible.

  • Worn Steering Components:
    Worn out tie rods and other steering components may cause vibrations as they move around under load.

How is the inspection carried out?

A technician will carry out a visual inspection of the steering components of your vehicle, as well as checking wheels and tyres for damage.

The power steering system will also be checked, and a quote for any repairs will be provided, if required. 

How important is having your steering inspected?

Having your steering inspected as soon as you notice a vibration is crucial to ensure no serious damage has occurred.

Failing to have an inspection carried out and repairs made may lead to compromised safety and handling, as well as an expensive repair bill.

It will also return the vehicle to a comfortable state to operate.