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Top 3 brake pad brands according to mechanics

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Updated 8 Apr 2021

Rowan Johnstone

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In 2020, front brake pad replacement was the third most common repair booked through AutoGuru. Rear brake pad replacement wasn't too far behind in seventh.

Aussie car owners are churning through brake pads, but this comes at no surprise. It’s a tough job constantly pulling up a car weighing 1.5 tonnes or more, but someones gotta do it.

How many times have you booked your car in for mechanical work, such as brakes, and not really bothered, or known, to ask what brand of parts were being fitted to your car?

If your answer was ‘a lot’, don’t stress, because you’re not alone. It’s something you don’t really think of, and even if you did know, would it mean anything to you? Many of us can’t tell the difference between X and Y brand, especially if we don’t have any mechanical knowledge.

So here at AutoGuru, we thought, why not ask the experts? We know thousands of them!

And that we did. We asked auto suppliers on AutoGuru to tell us their preferred brands for mechanical parts they install every day!

So, if you’re wondering what the best brake pad brands are, consider the opinion of the mechanical experts who fit them every day! These results are current as of January 2021.

1. Bendix

For the second year in a row, Bendix remains as the preferred brand for mechanics when it comes to brake pads.

A massive 81% of mechanics on AutoGuru identified Bendix as their preferred brand when it comes to brake pads.

Bendix has been around since 1955 and has been manufacturing brake pads since 1965. They have a manufacturing plant in Ballarat, Victoria where they make a huge range of brake pads.

The quality of Bendix has been recognised internationally, resulting in them exporting to many countries in South East Asia and the Middle East, as well as the United States, Canada and Japan.

So why do our Aussie mechanics prefer them?

Some of the reasons include the fact that they don’t squeal or give off much brake dust and that they give you a good feeling brake pedal. Mechanics on AutoGuru love knowing that they’re customers are getting quality parts.

They’ve also got a great range of quality products to suit all kinds of vehicles, so it’s easy for them to source pads no matter what vehicle you drive. Check out what some of the workshops had to say!

2. RDA

RDA retains its spot as the second most preferred brake pad brand for 2020.

RDA Brakes started in Melbourne in 1987 and offers one of the largest range of braking components across Australia and New Zealand.

Their brake pads were picked as the second most preferred brand by AutoGuru members.

It’s hard to stand-out after the overwhelming preference mechanics showed to Bendix, but it should be worth noting that RDA is still a very good brand that’s focused on providing a great range of braking components with no exception on quality.

They provide brake pads for all kinds of vehicles including passenger, light commercial, large commercial, 4x4, performance and imports.

3. Bosch

Bosch rounds out the list as the third most-preferred brake pad supplier by AutoGuru members.

Founded in 1886, the Bosch company is the oldest out of the three.

Bosch auto parts provide quite a large range of brake components for cars including several different types of brake pads. With their history and expertise, it’s no surprise that mechanical suppliers rely on them for their brake pads supply.

Bosch brake pads are designed to give the car safe and reliable brake performance, using only top quality materials. They aim to achieve a great balance between comfort, affordability and performance.

So now that you know which brands the experts choose, hopefully, you’ll feel a little more empowered to have a say on what parts are fitted to your vehicle.

Remember to ask the auto service provider to let you know what brands they use prior to starting work on your vehicle.

If you need new brake pads, you can search, compare and book local mechanics instantly online with AutoGuru!

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