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Fleet Repair & Auth Is Now A Digital Reality


Updated 4 Jul 2023


AutoGuru has launched a software solution targeting fleet management organisations designed to transition maintenance management and approval process online.

In simple words, AutoGuru has developed a web portal for suppliers to submit digital quotes to Fleet Managers and get their approvals faster than calling them on the phone. Two large fleet organisations currently use the portal to manage 130K vehicles online. AutoGuru’s fleet repair network consists of 8,000 suppliers, including dealers, national groups and a wide range of independent specialists.

The portal uses OEM and aftermarket service and parts data to digitally quote maintenance and repairs for passenger and light commercial vehicles. The portal also provides custom servicing options for trucks, trailers and equipment like refrigeration units.

"Since launching the platform, 96% of suppliers now submit quotes online, completely digitising the call-dependent approach to Repair & Auth."Says Eden Shirley, MD of AutoGuru.

For FMOs, AutoGuru’s fleet solution delivers three simple promises:

  1. A turn-key solution to manage maintenance approvals for all assets online.
  2. A significant reduction in calls, eliminating wait times and frustration for suppliers.
  3. Streamlined supplier invoicing and payments.

AutoGuru's new fleet quoting technology incorporates an adaptive learning engine called MIE - which stands for Maintenance Intelligence Engine. MIE's core objective is to give Fleet Managers superpowers like X-ray vision on costs.

A simple example is parts pricing. Every supplier buys and fits parts at different rates, and parts manufacturers and distributors only provide indicative pricing guides. MIE's parts intelligence engine analyses millions of pricing inputs from thousands of service providers to deliver predictive parts pricing personalised to each service provider and capable of prepopulating quotes at lightning speed.

The same technology provides Fleet Controllers insights when suppliers submit quotes that exceed MIE's expectations.

"MIE is like a digital assistant for Fleet Controllers. It analyses the jobs coming in, calls out any issues that need to be eyeballed and can even auto approve jobs that tick the right boxes." Says Eden.

So many industries are using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to optimise workflows and improve business efficiencies.

In recent trials, MIE was successfully configured to auto-approve 69% of the inbound job tickets for one partner with incredible speed and accuracy. This is a potential game changer for an industry like Fleet Management that relies heavily on labour resources in challenging market conditions.

AutoGuru is now inviting Australian FMOs to request a demo by reaching out to fleet@autoguru.com.au or calling 07 5699 8241 to find out more.


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