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Will I void my New Car Warranty if I use an independent workshop?

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Updated 26 Oct 2021

Rita Bonivento

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Clever marketing has resulted in the common misconception that using an independent workshop or parts will affect your warranty.

This simply isn't true. In fact, it's a load of baloney!

The ACCC states that any qualified mechanical repairer can carry out logbook servicing as per manufacturer specifications, without compromising your New Car or Manufacturer’s Warranty.

In 2017, they completed a 12-month investigation into the new car retailing industry.

It revealed that dealerships continually withhold critical data from independent repairers.

This data is crucial to completing servicing to the manufacturer’s specifications.

That seems a little unfair.

They also found that dealerships enjoy an enormous 64% average gross profit margin on vehicle servicing and repairs, a margin they have fiercely protected for obvious reasons!

That’s downright scandalous!

Because the manufacturers keep telling us they won’t honour a new car warranty if the vehicle has been touched by a mechanic outside of their network, car owners are having a tough time enforcing their warranty rights.

Read the FAQ’s here.

Click here to read the full ACCC report.

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Rita Bonivento

Rita’s a Gold Coast dweller who’s been wordsmithing for ages. She started out at Michelin Melbourne 22 years ago, & an avid traveller, has written in the marketing arena all over the world since then.

Her first car was a 1970 VW wagon she inherited from her dad. She’s had a few vehicles since then with an overall Toyota theme coz she reckons they do the best air con for the Aussie heat.