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Changes to Vehicle Lift Laws in QLD

Rowan Johnstone

Updated 6 Apr 2021

Rowan Johnstone

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There's a lot of things to consider when owning a 4WD vehicle in Australia.

For owners who love exploring places off the beaten track, you'll find yourself chasing more ground clearance, allowing your 4WD to go just that little bit further into unchartered territory.

In Queensland, we've got some awesome 4WD tracks, not to mention places like Fraser and Moreton Island, but the age-old question is, how high can you go legally?

On Thursday, September 20, 2018, the Queensland Government announced that they will introduce greater consistency on lift laws for Queensland 4WD owners.

It has been announced that they will be changing sections of the Queensland Code of Practice that relate to lift laws, which will take effect in October 2018.

Changes that have been outlined include reforms to the LS9 and LS10 codes. They include; 

  • Raising the maximum lift certifiable in Queensland from 125mm to 150mm
  • Raising the maximum lift without certification for vehicles with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to 75mm without certification (50mm suspension lift, 25mm tyre increase)

Currently, only vehicles without ESC are able to have a maximum combined lift of 75mm.

By allowing uncertified lifts up to 75mm for ESC vehicles, Queensland's laws are now consistent with those of Victoria and NSW.

Additionally, by allowing certified lifts of up to 150mm, Queensland’s maximum allowable lift will be on par with the National Code Practice and other states.

This reform comes 16 days after raised 4WD vehicles were targeted across Queensland.

Fines and defect notices were being issued, and vehicles were being impounded, as a result of the crackdown on vehicles that had been raised over 50mm.

As a result, the Australian Aftermarket Automotive Association (AAAA) spearheaded a campaign to encourage the Queensland Government to listen to the concerns of a huge number of vehicle owners in Queensland and from around the country.

The influence of this campaign has been linked to the Queensland Governments announcement regarding the change in vehicle lift related laws. 

This is a great win for the Queensland aftermarket automotive industry, as it provides some much-needed clarification and standardisation to both businesses and consumers.

Currently, modified vehicles that are registered in another state can legally drive on Queensland roads, providing that the vehicle complies with modification approvals from that state.

If your car is registered in Queensland, be sure to get it checked by an Approved Person or Approved Person Engineer should you wish to raise your vehicle to the maximum of 150mm.

You can retrieve contact details of Approved Persons by contacting the Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 23 80.

If your 4WD vehicle is in need of a safety inspection, repair or general service, be sure to book it in with a trusted local mechanic throughAutoGuru!

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