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What does Trouble Code P0413 mean

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Updated 15 Nov 2019


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When the ‘Check Engine Light’ appears on your dashboard, there are hundreds of reasons why it may have come on. The main reasons can include:

  • A failed sensor
  • A mechanical problem inside your engine, and even
  • Leaving your fuel cap loose after refuelling

The ‘Check Engine Light’ warns of a problem with the emissions system on your vehicle, and some of these problems can be worse than others.

The code P0413 relates to a voltage problem on the air pump circuit, not the EGR valve.

This pump is designed to inject air into the exhaust to reduce harmful emissions from the burned gasses.

You may notice a decrease in performance or other poor performance symptoms with this code present.

What to do when P0413 is detected in your vehicle

If P0413 is detected in your vehicle, chances are you are driving a Volkswagen, Audi or Skoda. Problems that can cause this code are:

  • A fault in the wiring going to or from the air pump
  • A problem with the air pump itself
  • A problem with the one-way valve fitted to the system

It is recommended to limit the amount of driving carried out while this fault code is present, as further damage to other components may be caused.

Carrying out a diagnosis of the wiring and air pump itself will determine the cause, and a repair can then be carried out to return the vehicle and its emission systems to correct working order.

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