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Where can I get my windscreen wipers replaced?

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Updated 11 Oct 2019

Rachel White

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As drivers, we are required to ensure the windscreen on our vehicle is clean so the view ahead is clear of any obstructions, be it dust, dew, rain or even bat poo! Windscreen wipers and wiper washer fluid do a great job of removing any weird and wonderful gunk that ends up on the windscreen . . . when they are working properly.

A windscreen wiper blade is designed to apply pressure to a rubber blade against the windscreen. This wiper blade, used in conjunction with washer fluid, sweeps across the glass and, ideally, will wipe and wash away any substance on the windscreen. If instead you just end up with a swirly mess, then the wipers aren’t doing their job.

Windscreen wipers aren’t intended to last forever, of course. The rubber will deteriorate over time and if a vehicle is parked constantly in harsh sunlight and the wipers are used often, the blades will likely deteriorate more frequently.

Signs windscreen wipers need replacing

  • If the wipers are not playing the ‘clear-wipe’ game and are leaving you with streaks all over the windscreen, then it’s time to get them replaced.
  • Another obvious clue is the horrible thump or chatter sound as you watch the wiper bounce around in front of you.
  • If at any time you hear a scratching noise, pull off the road safely and turn the wipers off. A scratching noise means the wiper frame is in contact with the windscreen and could be causing permanent damage to the glass.
  • If you notice the wiper frame is damaged and out of shape, there is a good chance the wiper blade isn’t contacting the windscreen properly.
  • You might be driving in heavy rain and no matter how fast you set the wipers there is always a section of the windscreen that seems to get missed and remains wet.
  • Inspect the wiper blades. If you notice they have an uneven surface - there may be noticeable grooves along the edge - this means it’s time to replace them.
  • The most obvious sign there’s a problem with you wipers is when gunk doesn’t budge from the windscreen. Remember though, that if you have left the gunk on the glass for a while and let it set solid, then nothing but a scraper and harsh chemicals will get it off.

Replacing windscreen wiper blades

Windscreen wiper blades come in a couple of fitment styles. The older type has a frame and a replaceable wiper blade refill. The old rubber blade is unclipped from the frame, removed and a new blade can be slid into place.

Modern wiper blades detach from the metal wiper arm and the whole wiper frame and the blade is replaced in one complete unit. The old wiper frame unclips, the new wiper frame clips in and presto! All done.

Replacing wiper blades is considered a fairly easy task to perform. However, that doesn’t take away the importance of getting it right. If you’re uncertain of how to do the job correctly, there are places you can go to have windscreen wipers fitted by an expert.


Places to get windscreen wipers replaced

Some of the larger automotive accessory retailers offer a windscreen wiper replacement service. Supercheap Auto and Autobarn offer this service for a small fee. They also offer a large range of wipers, so if you’re in the market to buy one, why not get an expert to fit them while you are there. Other automotive retailers in your local area may offer this service too. When looking to purchase wiper blades ask the retailer if they offer an installation service.

The other option is to get your mechanic to replace the wiper blades at your next service. If you have your vehicle serviced regularly, the mechanic will usually check if the wipers are functioning correctly and advise if they need to be replaced.

For safe driving, it is imperative to see the road ahead clearly. It’s a good idea to take the time to check the wipers regularly and have them replaced as soon as you notice they’re not doing their job properly.

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