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What is a tyre rotation and why do I need it?

Clancy Harrip

Updated 10 Aug 2021

Clancy Harrip

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Tyre rotation is simply the act of moving the wheels and tyres from one position on a vehicle to another.

An important maintenance task, tyre rotation should help to ensure even tread wear on your tyres and maximise their lifespan - which will save you money.

Front and rear tyres have different responsibilities and, as a general rule, they will wear at different rates.

Historically, a technician would swap the front and rear tyre every 10,000km (at the same time as getting a wheel alignment).

While this is still the recommended process for those who have cars with suitable wheels, the method has become slightly more convoluted for those vehicles with specialist tyres, different tyre sizes front and rear, unidirectional tyres and asymmetrical tyres.

If this is you, we suggest following the advice of a tyre specialist or referring to your vehicle manufacturer’s rotation recommendations as a guide.

Undirectional Tyres

Unidirectional tyres are designed to rotate in one direction.

This is indicated by an arrow on the tyre sidewall.

These tyres must be correctly orientated both on the wheel and on the car.

Asymmetrical Tyres

Asymmetrical tyres (tyres that have a different tread pattern on each side of the face of the tyre) also have sidewall markings and are fitted to the wheel in a precise orientation for best results.

Both unidirectional and asymmetrical tyres can only be rotated front to rear as side to side alter their direction of rotation incorrectly.

4WD and AWD Tyres

If you own a 4WD or an AWD, regular tyre rotation is very important as uneven tyre wear can cause overall tyre diameter to shift which can result in driveline damage.

It’s recommended you seek advice and action from a technician or refer to your manufacturers guide for recommendations.

Tyre rotation is an important aspect of owning a vehicle.

Maximum tyre life will only be achieved if you regularly rotate your tyres, keep them at their optimal inflation requirements and ensure proper wheel alignment and wheel balancing when required.

Speak to a professional today about your tyre needs.

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