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Top 5 exercises to do in your car at peak hour

Kelsie Gilbert

Updated 9 Oct 2019

Kelsie Gilbert

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Here at AutoGuru, we try to remove the hassle and stress of finding and booking a trusted local mechanic, and we reckon we've done a pretty good job. Something we haven't managed to get rid of though is the hassle of traffic. If you’re lucky enough to be caught in peak hour traffic, then you know how much fun it is sitting in your car for hours on end, contemplating everything you could be doing right now, but aren’t, because you’re stuck doing 5km on the highway. One of those things is exercise.

Unfortunately, I’m not blessed with Amazonian genetics, nor do I have a whole lot of time to dedicate to working out on the daily, because, you guessed it, I’m either at work or stuck in traffic. I know what you’re thinking, my life sounds pretty awesome. Trust me, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing less on a Friday night than creeping along the road at the speed of a sloth wondering why my steering wheel is shuddering when I brake or why on Earth my check engine light just appeared. 

If you’re like me and spend a large portion of your life in a car, here are some useful exercises for your whole body that you can do sitting down. They’ll give you something other than frustration to focus on and I promise they’ll get you one step closer to having a killer body!

Exercise 1. Chin Strengthening

This exercise will help fend off growing a double chin! All you need to do is open and close your mouth, like you’re chewing a delicious salad, repeat 5 times in a row.

Or in my case, I’ll pretend I’m chewing a lovely piece of steak. And a slice of chocolate cake.

Exercise 2. Core Strengthening
Imagine you’re trying to squeeze into your favourite pair of skinny jeans, but you really need to suck in your belly to get that top button done up.

That feeling of ‘sucking in’ your belly, is the first step to achieving nicely toned abs. The second step, whilst sucking in, is to push your lower belly downwards and pull your belly button towards your back.

Hold for a few seconds and repeat 12-15 times. If you’re all about feeling that burn, breathe in and out 20 times super quickly and really engage your lower abs.

Exercise 3. Push-ups
You need to be sitting idle for this exercise as you need to use your steering wheel. Hold onto the wheel with your hands at 10 and 2 positions.

To get the best results for this exercise, squeeze your shoulder blades together while you’re pulling yourself closer to the steering wheel, release back slowly and repeat least 5 times.

Exercise 4. Thigh Toning
Again, make sure your car is sitting idle and on a flat road for this one, as your feet need to be flat on the floor.

This exercise seems pretty basic, but mark my words, You. Will. Feel. The. Burn. Start by placing your right hand on your right thigh.

Lift your right leg slightly and push against that leg with your right hand, trying not to let your leg move. Hold for 5-10 seconds, try to repeat about 8-10 times, then swap to your left leg.

The more burning sensation you feel, the more results you will get!

Exercise 5. Spine Stretching
This one isn’t really an exercise, but it does help with your posture.

mean sitting in a car for hours on end, things can get a little cramped up, and nobody wants to end up looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

For the most effective spinal stretch, sit straight with your back slightly arched.

Pull yourself closer to the steering wheel. Whilst shifting forwards make sure you are tensing your abdominal muscles and focus on slowly breathing in and out 3 times before releasing back. Repeat at least 5 times in a row!

With all of this being said, it’s important to concentrate on the road while driving.

These exercises should be done whilst the car is idle or stationary at a red light and never on a hill incline or decline.

Also, if something starts to hurt while you’re doing these exercises, stop! You don’t need a sprain! Being stuck in traffic is already painful enough!

Image credit: Congested Melbourne Highway by BlackCab

Kelsie Gilbert

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Kelsie Gilbert

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