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Getting your car set for the New Year

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Updated 29 Nov 2019

Rowan Johnstone

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Another year and another Christmas has been and gone. As always, it crept up quickly this year, and for a lot of us, it means our biggest work break of the year is nearly at an end.

It also means our cars have literally gone into overdrive, carrying us around to all the extra activities that come along with Christmas time, and doing it during the hottest time of year.

For some, the holiday period may have been a cruisy few weeks relaxing at home, putting your feet up and really enjoying not having to do anything.

For others, it could have consisted of what felt like 200 trips to the shopping centre, driving halfway around the state (or country) visiting loved ones or searching for awesome Christmas light displays, trips to the beach, picnic sites, restaurants or cafes to enjoy the Summer season, or maybe you headed off on a great Australian drive

Whatever it is you did, it all would have taken a toll on your trusty 4 wheeled companion.

Now, we understand that getting routine servicing done on your car can be a hassle, and for many, it’s not a priority, but we urge you, if you've been putting off getting your car serviced for a while, early in the new year is the time to get it done! 

The best part is, you can easily book your car in online now through AutoGuru and pay with Afterpay, all whilst knowing that you've started your 2020 off the right way. 

There may or may not be anything worse than your car kicking the bucket right smack bang in the middle of the Summer holiday season, and this is for a few reasons.

  • It’s super inconvenient
  • It’s HOT. Who wants to get stuck on the side of the road in this heat?
  • It could literally ruin the rest of your holiday break, and that can’t happen!
  • It would be a terrible way to start 2020! 

So, how are you supposed to avoid a situation like this? It’s easy, give yourself some peace of mind and book your car in now for a service early in the new year, it’s what all the gurus are doing!

With AutoGuru, you can book in with a mechanic and get your oil changed, fluids topped up, tyres looked at and have a general safety check done and hey presto, your car will easily cruise into the new year, ready to take you and your family anywhere you desire (to some extent).

We know what you’re saying, the holiday season is an expensive and crazy time, ain’t nobody got the time (or the coin) to add booking a car service into the mix.

Well, fear not, because we're here to quickly and easily connect you with local, affordable and high-quality mechanics AND we've also got Afterpay, how good!?

We can have you booked in for a time early in the new year quicker than it takes you to ask someone ‘What's your new year's resolution?”, and you can chuck it all on Afterpay.

How’s that for a win? Your car will be happy, your wallet will be happy and most importantly YOU will be happy knowing you just started 2020 the right way by making sure that your car is ready to take on holiday duties. BOOM!

You’ll have no troubles finding an awesome mechanic on AutoGuru early in the New Year to help keep your car, and the good times, rolling.

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Written By

Rowan Johnstone

On weekdays Rowan can be found in the AutoGuru office, driving content and growth with the rest of the marketing team.

On weekends you’ll probably find him in the garage with his dad restoring a 1958 Ford Star Model Customline or enjoying a cruise through the Gold Coast hinterland on his Suzuki GSX-R600.

Despite his passion for being behind the wheel (or handlebars), he looks forward to the day when he can commute to work in his own driverless car.