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5 ways to get more life out of your tyres

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Updated 9 Aug 2021

Lara Wilde

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My friend Shelley came to visit me recently.

Her two gorgeous children were strapped into the back seat of the Mercedes-Benz SUV for the drive to my house along the beautiful coastline and up the twisty mountain range.

The Mercedes was an excellent choice of vehicle to safely transport the family but as I raced out of my front gate to embrace her clan, I stopped dead in my tracks as a wave of concern washed over me.

Shelley’s front tyres had metal wire showing.

They weren’t just bald or low – she had actually driven them to the point that the inner wire was starting to poke through the rubber.

Those tyres would have no traction on the roads to keep the mighty SUV shiny side up.

I insisted she replace them before the long drive home and then told her my top 5 tips for getting more life out of her tyres.

  • Drive it like you care: We have all heard the saying “Drive it like you stole it” but if you are trying to get the most life out of your rubbery bits then you want to drive your car like you really, really care. No burnouts, no extreme braking, no hard corners that make your wheels squeal. Bonus: this driving style will also get you better fuel economy.

  • Handle the pressure: Each time you fuel up, take the time to check your tyre pressure. Too much air, or too little, will challenge the sidewall integrity and cause uneven wear. The recommended tyre pressure should be written on the tyre but if in doubt ask your local tyre shop for advice. It is best to check your tyre pressure when the tyres are cool.

  • Get to know your rubber: As you are crouched in that horrible awkward half squat on the dirty service station floor, take the time to have an up close and personal look at your wheels. Get to know your tyres. Are there any chunks of rubber missing? How deep is the tread? Are there any nails or other objects embedded? If you do this regularly you are more likely to catch an issue before it goes bang on the highway.

  • Check your balance: Each time you get new tyres fitted have a professional balance and align your wheels. A professional wheel alignment and balance will make sure that all your wheels are pointed in the right direction and sitting evenly on the road.

  • Driving Miss Daisy: Drive as if you are driving Miss Daisy. Put down your phone and pay attention. Don’t hit the potholes, keep the wheels off the kerb, and pay attention to lips or edges as you go through road works. A tyre might look sturdy but when it suddenly carries a few tonnes of your car and loved ones to the bottom of a hole, that rubber layer can lose a chunk or worse.
    Your tyres are the rubber band that keeps you and your family safe. Look after them so they look after you for longer.

A tyre specialist on AutoGuru can tell you how much life is left on your tyres.

If you’re looking to start over with a new set, quickly and easily book yourself in online. It’s super easy!

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Lara Wilde

Lara Wilde is the automotive addict showing you how to love your car without getting dirty.

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