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Seat Ibiza Wiper blades replacement

Why do Seat Ibiza wiper blades get replaced?

The reason you can clear rain and dirt off your Seat Ibiza's windscreen is due simply to your car’s wiper blades.

Seat Ibiza wiper blades will need to be replaced over time thanks to damaging environmental conditions. Due to the composition of windscreen wipers, they do wear out fairly quickly. They need to be soft enough to act as a squeegee against a window and glide effortlessly while also strong enough to handle the weather and dirt and grime that ends up on the car. 

Eventually, the wipers will give you a warning they are no longer operating effectively. If you end up with streaks instead of clear glass or they make a horrible noise and jump around instead of glide then it's time to replace the wiper blades.

Most importantly it's a legal requirement to have wipers that work. If you're unable to see clearly out of your Seat Ibiza then you may get fined and ordered off the road. You never know when a bird may poop, the skies open up or the fog rolls in, be prepared and replace your wipers when needed.

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