Jaguar F-Pace Tyre repair

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Jaguar F-Pace Tyre repair

Why does my Jaguar F-Pace need a tyre repair?

The tyres on your Jaguar F-Pace are inflated with air for cushioning when you drive as well as the best traction in all conditions.

Your tyre tread will eventually wear out but between now and then, your Jaguar F-Pace's tyres may pick up a nail or develop a leak.

A tyre repair is a minor problem, typically costing $30 to $90. A tyre repair can prevent premature tyre replacement, making it a service that’s quite important!

As long as the tyre wall hasn't been damaged puncture repairs are a great solution to get you back on the road quickly for the least expense. 

A tyre repairer will remove the Jaguar F-Pace tyre from the rim, locate the puncture in the tyre, plug the hole up, refit the tyre to the rim, fill it with air and balance the wheel. Safely done without having to buy a brand new tyre. If a tyre is badly damaged it may be too dangerous to repair and a new tyre is required. 

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