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Average rating for Suspension bushes replacement

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Average rating for Suspension bushes replacement

4.7 • based on 47 reviews of 45 businesses

Suspension Bushes Replacement

How Much does a Suspension Bushes Replacement Cost?

With every drive you make in your car, rubber or polyurethane components isolate moving parts to eliminate noise, reduce vibration, and keep you in control of your car.

These parts are known as suspension bushes and they are seldom spoken of.

During everyday use, suspension bushes are pieces of your car that go unnoticed. They experience wear over time, especially from rough road conditions, and will degrade due to exposure to grease, oil, and environmental fluids.

Suspension bushes normally last anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000km and sometimes more.

The average repair cost for suspension bushes replacement is $250 to $700, depending on which bushes need to be replaced and the type of car you drive. A mechanic will need to inspect your vehicle first to confirm this for you.

As a rule of thumb, the more movement bushes experience, the more wear will occur. 

What are Suspension Bushes?

Under your car, moving parts like the control arms and stabiliser bar use suspension bushes to reduce wear on metal mounting surfaces.

There are also bushes used on your engine mounts to prevent vibration and allow slight movement. These bushes are constructed of synthetic rubber and/or polyurethane for durability and resistance to weathering.

In many situations, a metal sleeve is formed in the centre of the bushing and a metal ring on the outside helps suspension bushes hold their shape.

Cracking can form in the bushing material, or impact with the road can tear the bushing loose from the sleeve.

As well, suspension bushes can wear, causing suspension noise and affecting your car’s handling, thus they’ll need to be replaced.

Symptoms You Suspension Bushes Need Replacement

  • A clunking noise when your car’s weight shifts from side to side
  • Rattling noise when driving over rough surfaces like washboard
  • Looseness in the steering wheel or clunking when turning
  • In extreme cases, vibration in the steering wheel at highway speeds
Suspension Bushes Replacement Cost

How are Suspension Bushes Replaced?

Control Arm Bushes

  • The car is lifted so the wheels are off the ground, and the wheel on the affected side is removed
  • The ball joint undone and the control arm mounting bolts are removed
  • The old bushings on the control arm are pressed out
  • New bushings are pressed into place
  • The control arm is refitted and the suspension bolts are torqued to the proper spec
  • The car is lowered to the ground and road tested to ensure the concern is fixed

Stabiliser Bar Bushes

  • The car is lifted off the round or placed on jack stands
  • The stabiliser bar bushing mounts are removed, leaving the end points attached
  • The old stabiliser bar bushes are removed and new ones installed in place
  • The mounts are tightened, the car lowered to the ground, and road tested

Tips to Remember

  • A wheel alignment is required after most suspension repairs, including suspension bushes.

How Important is Replacing Your Suspension Bushes?

Replacing worn suspension bushes not only eliminates annoying noise in the suspension, but it restores your car’s proper handling so you can drive confidently.

Driving your car with worn suspension bushes can put you and your passengers in danger of a collision, as well as other motorists on the road. You can have an accident if your car isn’t handling as expected.

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