Proton S16 Strut assembly replacement

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Proton S16 Strut assembly replacement

How to tell when your Proton S16 strut assembly needs to be replaced?

How you drive, and the roads you drive on, have an impact on your Proton S16’s suspension system.

There are numerous components to a suspension system. The suspension holds the frame of the Proton S16 off the road and distributes the weight to the wheels in a way designed to keep tyres on the road and performing effectively.

All vehicles have springs and/or shock absorbers at each wheel to absorb road impacts and irregularities. Most cars will have struts at the front and shock absorbers in the rear, however, there are variants to this, depending on your car type.

The strut assembly is part of the suspension system and plays an important role in absorbing any jolts and vibrations that your Proton S16 experiences on uneven road surfaces.

Signs that may identify a faulty Proton S16 strut:  

  • The front of the vehicle dips down on braking
  • Fluid leak around the strut
  • Irregular tyre wear
  • Strut is physically damaged
  • Bottoming out on rough roads or driveways
  • Ride quality is compromised
  • Vehicle bounces, sways or rocks more than usual

Don’t leave it too long before you replace your struts - you run the risk of uneven wear on your tyres, which will be an additional expense.

It’s a good idea to have a wheel alignment done after replacing the strut assembly as replacing the strut assembly may affect the alignment settings.

If you continue to drive with worn struts you won’t just get a rough ride but you run the risk of your car not responding the way you would want it in the event you need to take evasive action.

Your suspension helps to keep your Proton S16 in optimal contact with the road. If this is compromised and you keep driving, then you’re making the decision to risk your own safety and others.

Best to have an awesome AutoGuru mechanic replace your struts for peace of mind and better road handling.


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