Peugeot 208 Speedometer cable replacement

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Peugeot 208 Speedometer cable replacement

Peugeot 208 speedometer cable replacement

Has your Peugeot 208’s speedometer (speedo) been acting weird? Perhaps you have a feeling the speed is different from what the speedo is telling you, or there is a squealing noise coming from the dash. Sometimes, the speedo on a Peugeot 208 can be damaged and need replacing. A damaged speedo is a major problem. If you can’t rely on what it is telling you then the potential for amassing speeding fines in your Peugeot 208 becomes very real!

Some vehicles include a speedo housing and cable all in one unit, with the housing being part of the assembly. Also worth noting is that not all vehicles have a mechanical speedo cable. Some cars utilise a sensor that electronically transmits data to get a speed reading.

Before you go ripping out and replacing the speedo on your Peugeot 208, ensure it is the speedo cable that has failed. Have an AutoGuru mechanic diagnose the problem. If it needs to be replaced, fitting a new cable will cost around $60 to $285 depending on the vehicle and how difficult it is to get access behind the speedo gauge.

Traffic fines can be quite expensive and losing too many points can see you being suspended from driving your Peugeot 208. Since speed is known as the major factor in road accidents you will want the speedo to be accurate.

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