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Seat Ibiza Radiator bottom hose replacement

Signs your Seat Ibiza radiator bottom hose needs to be replaced?

Like many systems in a car, the coolant system in your Seat Ibiza’s is a complex one and there can be a number of issues and faults that impact its effectiveness.

One of these issues is a faulty or damaged radiator bottom hose.

If you find out you need to replace the radiator bottom hose in your Seat Ibiza, you should be prepared to pay between $60 to $240 depending on your vehicle.

Note too that the mechanic may need to replace the coolant at the same time, which will be an additional expense.

The bottom radiator hose is designed to handle heat and pressure and is specifically shaped to fit your Seat Ibiza. As the hose is not flexible you do have to use a specific hose for each type of vehicle.

When your bottom radiator hose fails you may notice:

  • Pressure issues in the cooling system
  • Leaking coolant may be seen under the Seat Ibiza or around the hose, or you may notice that the coolant level is below normal
  • When the engine is warm, if the hose feels either hard or spongy when you squeeze it, that’s not good. Ideally, the hose should be firm to the touch but not solid
  • You may notice that your engine is running hotter than usual and even overheating
  • You can physically see the hose is damaged or has collapsed in on itself

If you have a faulty, damaged or missing bottom radiator hose, you shouldn’t drive. This is a part that will need to be fixed straight away.

If you were to continue to drive, you run the risk of overheating the Seat Ibiza's engine. This could cause irreparable damage and result in the engine needing to be replaced, costing you thousands of dollars as well as plenty of inconvenience.

An awesome technician is available at AutoGuru to help you replace your Seat Ibiza radiator bottom hose and get you back on the road.

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