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Power window switch replacement

Rover Power Window Switch Replacement

If you’ve been around long enough to know what a window winder is you will appreciate how fabulous power windows are, that is until your Rover’s windows stop working. When they fail there is no way of getting that window up or down without pulling the door apart and possibly causing some damage to you or the window actuator. There goes parking your Rover somewhere securely or avoiding a wet interior if it’s stuck in the down position.

There are a number of reasons the power windows in a Rover won’t work. It could be due to a blown fuse, broken cable, damaged track, defective actuator or a faulty window switch. It’s best to get a professional to determine why the window is not operating, otherwise, you could be tearing the Rover apart trying to locate the cause.

If you are advised you have a broken power window switch and it needs to be replaced this will cost around $60 to $350 depending on the switch required.

Typically it is the driver’s master switch that fails as it is used the most often. The master switch is usually a larger switch with toggles/buttons to activate all the Rover’s windows.