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Power steering reservoir replacement

Toyota Starlet Power steering reservoir replacement

We can take the power steering in our Toyota Starlet for granted at times. It is possible to drive without power steering, but it takes significantly more effort to maneuver the car, especially at low speed, and you run the risk of not being able to react quickly enough to avoid an accident.

The power steering reservoir (also known as a power steering tank or power steering pump reservoir) stores hydraulic fluid. The power steering pump cycles hydraulic fluid around the power steering system in your Toyota Starlet and draws hydraulic fluid from the reservoir when required.

If the power steering fluid reservoir in your Toyota Starlet is cracked, leaking or has been damaged, it will need to be replaced. This will cost around $80 to $400 depending on your Toyota Starlet and the location of the power steering reservoir.

If you don’t replace a damaged reservoir and continue to drive with low power steering fluid, the entire power steering system in your Toyota Starlet can be damaged which can lead to an expensive repair.

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