Mercedes-Benz SLC Fuel hose replacement

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Mercedes-Benz SLC Fuel hose replacement

Does your Mercedes-Benz SLC need the fuel hoses replaced?

Your Mercedes-Benz SLC’s fuel pump sends fuel from your tank to your engine through a supply fuel hose, and excess fuel flows back to the tank in a return fuel hose.

These fuel hoses run along the undercarriage of your Mercedes-Benz SLC from the tank to the engine compartment. Whenever the engine is running, a constant supply of fuel is circulating through the fuel hoses.

Fuel hoses are commonly made of nylon- or Kevlar-reinforced rubber hose and lined inside by a permeable-resistant material like Teflon. The fuel hoses attach to metal fuel lines either with a quick connector or fuel hose clamps.

The hose itself can become brittle with ageing or heat, and the internal liner can collapse or degrade, and the fuel hose will need to be replaced.

If your Mercedes-Benz SLC fuel hoses begin to leak or collapse internally, you’ll find that your engine is starved of fuel and won’t run properly, or at all.

If your Mercedes-Benz SLC is leaking fuel, it is a very dangerous situation and the fuel hose will need to be replaced. That's where AutoGuru can help.

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