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Lotus Elan Camshaft seal replacement

Do I need to replace my Lotus Elan camshaft seal?

If your Lotus Elan has an internal combustion engine (ICE) then it will have one, two or four camshaft/s located in the engine, depending on the engine type.

Camshafts open and close the intake and exhaust valves. The camshaft is typically located in the top end of a modern engine between the cylinder head and valve cover gasket. It's a long cylindrical rod with irregular shapes or cams on it. The end of the camshaft is driven by gears, a belt or a chain.

Most of the camshaft sits inside the engine but for it to be driven the end of the camshaft needs to project outside of the internals of the engine, this is where leaks can occur as a round rubber oil seal is used to seal around the end of the camshaft. If this deteriorates then oil can leak out of the Lotus Elan's engine.

When the camshaft seal on your Lotus Elan starts to leak oil you may notice smoke in the engine bay from oil burning on the exhaust, oil leaking on the ground under the Lotus Elan or an oil leak below the valve cover.

Oil leaks are never a good thing, you risk smoke inhalation, damage to other components, low oil levels in the engine and subsequent engine damage. 

The camshaft seal can wear out over time and begin to leak oil and will need to be replaced when it does. If your Lotus Elan camshaft seal is leaking, look to AutoGuru for your answers!

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