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Asia Rocsta Alternator replacement

Why do Asia Rocsta alternators need to be replaced?

The alternator on your Asia Rocsta is what provides power to your vehicle when the engine is running.

Without it, you wouldn’t have air-conditioning, power windows or a stereo to blast out your favourite songs (although it’s probably best to have your windows up if your singing voice is anything like mine!), but more importantly, the alternator charges up the battery.

If your battery runs out of power, your Asia Rocsta won’t start, possibly leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t ignore the warning signs – if your alternator is not charging correctly, the battery light will light up on the dashboard indicating an issue.

Depending on the location of the alternator, and if other components need to be removed to allow access to the alternator, it can cost between $400 - $1000+ to have it replaced.

When Asia Rocsta alternators are subjected to high temperatures and get dirty any of the many moving parts of the alternator can eventually fail. The most likely culprit is the bearings.

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