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Windscreen Wiper FAQs

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Updated 26 Nov 2019


Windscreen Wiper FAQs

If your windscreen wipers are squeaking or leaving streaks, it may be time to invest in some new ones. Here’s everything you ‘auto’ know about your windscreen wipers in one convenient place!

Is it legal to drive with non-functioning wipers?

No. A driver needs to be able to have a clear view of the road ahead. In poor visibility conditions such as rain, fog or snow, the driver must be able to remove any obstacles from the windscreen to be able to safely view the road.

How long should windscreen wipers last?

There is no set rule for the lifespan of windscreen wipers. Quality of manufacture and the materials from which they are made play an important part in how long they last. However, the conditions the wipers are in have significant ramifications. If a vehicle is left outside in the sun, is never washed and the wipers are left to get dry and dirty then the wiper materials will breakdown quicker.

Why are my windscreen wipers smearing?

When windscreen wipers deteriorate, the rubber or silicon edge of the blade can get out of shape or develop grooves. This means the edge is no longer clean and straight and won’t be as effective at cleaning the windscreen as when it was new. A streaky or smeared windscreen is a sure sign that the wipers on your car need to be replaced.

Do I need to use windscreen wiper fluid?

It is recommended that wiper washer fluid is used in place of water due to its ability to break down dust, dirt, bugs and debris. Good wiper fluid is a detergent for the windscreen and comes in pre-mix or concentrate. When using concentrate, make sure the mixture is as suggested otherwise some fluids could stain your paint. It is recommended to use an effective windscreen wiper fluid that is also friendly to the environment.

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