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FAQ - AutoGuru Membership for Auto Repairers

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Updated 15 Dec 2023

FAQ - AutoGuru Membership for Auto Repairers

AutoGuru is Australia’s #1 booking site for auto repairers. We exist to help repairers easily and affordably grow their business online and get more customers. Here are some frequently asked questions to get you familiar with who we are and what we do.

What is AutoGuru?

AutoGuru is an online booking marketplace for auto repairers that quotes 500k vehicles per year. We’ve got over 9,000 members, who we’ve collected over 145,000 verified customer reviews for, and get 4 million+ website visits per year.

Where is AutoGuru based?

AutoGuru’s head office is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. We’re Aussie owned and operated!

What is an AutoGuru membership?

An AutoGuru membership allows auto repairers to list their business online with AutoGuru.com.au. The benefits of this include:

  • Growing your online presence
  • Instantly quote customers*
  • Capture online bookings 24/7
  • Receive awesome reviews from happy customers

Check out our membership page for more.

*Depending on the job requested by the customer

How much does an AutoGuru membership cost?

For new members, AutoGuru memberships start from $124/mo +GST.

Does AutoGuru charge commission?

Commission? Nope, not here! AutoGuru Zero Commission members don't pay any commission on bookings.

Does AutoGuru control my pricing?

No, AutoGuru members completely control their own pricing. Like any marketplace, AutoGuru attracts a range of customers, from budget-conscious to those looking for premium services, so you are free to position your business however you like!

What are the other benefits of joining AutoGuru?

Becoming a member of AutoGuru means you pay a simple and affordable subscription and get bookings and new customers in return!

You get access to Buy Now, Pay Later products like Afterpay, humm, and Zip for all your customers. They’re all manageable within your AutoGuru account, and with access to Fleet, there is no need for multiple frustrating integrations as they’re all combined in one account!

There’s also a powerful SEO benefit of having your brand mentioned throughout the AutoGuru website and your very own member profile page.

That’s not it though! Check out our membership page for a look at all the other features and benefits of partnering with us.

Does AutoGuru control the customers that book with my business?

Nope! When a customer books with you, we provide you with their contact information so you can manage the booking directly if needed. We’ll always be on hand to help with rescheduling or any other changes.

What if I pay for a membership, but get no bookings?

Our team of Success Account Managers will work with you to ensure you see a return on investment.

Keen to find out more? Check out autoguru.com.au/memberships

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