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Top 3 car battery brands according to mechanics

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Updated 6 Sep 2021

Rowan Johnstone

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In 2020, battery replacement came in as the 5th most common repair booking through AutoGuru.

The battery is the main source of electrical power for your car. Without a working battery, you’ll be going nowhere.

Because they’re so important, it really pays to make sure you’re fitting a good quality battery to your vehicle. You want to make sure there’s as little risk as possible in it failing prematurely.

Of course, this also relies on you not accidentally leaving a light on or attempting to power a small village using the 12V socket, without the engine running.

So to help you decide what battery you should be putting in your car next, we decided to ask the 2,500 expert mechanics on AutoGuru what their preferred car battery brand is.

Here are the results! The results are current as of January 2021.

1. Century Yuasa

Century batteries took out the top spot in our survey as the most preferred battery brand for auto service providers.

From 13 brands, 29% of respondents picked Century batteries, nearly twice as many as the next closest brand.

Century was founded in 1928 and has since established itself as a market leader in the automotive battery industry.

Their extensive range of sealed, maintenance-free batteries means they’re a solid choice for customers who want to install the latest battery and enjoy hassle-free motoring.

Century Batteries range includes various products within the Ultri Hi Performance, Ultra Hi Performance DIN, Hi Performance and Hi Performance DIN categories.

2. ACDelco

ACDelco has been named as the second most preferred battery supplier by mechanics on AutoGuru.

ACDelco boasts a wide range of car batteries, suitable for pretty much any vehicle and environments.

The brand has been developing quality parts for the automotive aftermarket for over 100 years, and are recognised as global leaders in the industry.

ACDelco’s range of car batteries includes Sealed Mantenance Free (SMF), Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Advantage Series (SMF).

3. SuperCharge Batteries

With over 95 years of experience, there’s no surprise that Super Charge Batteries were named in our top 3 preferred brands. Mechanics are looking for brands they can trust when supplying new batteries for customers, and a long history of quality doesn’t lie.

A good guarantee helps as well, with SuperCharge offering up to 40 months warranty on some of their products.

The range of SuperCharge batteries is impressive, it includes; Gladiator, Goldplus, Silerplus, Powerstation & start-stop options.

The next time you’re in for a battery replacement, you now know of the top 3 brands to request, based on what the experts use.

There’s a good chance that your local mechanic already uses one of these brands, but it never hurts to check!

Remember, the easiest way to book a battery replacement is through AutoGuru.

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