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How much does a car battery cost?

Joel Ilton

Updated 19 Dec 2022

Joel Ilton

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The cost of a car battery can vary dramatically, depending on where you are purchasing the battery from, and what type of vehicle you have.

Normally, we're not too worried about our car battery. They are pretty reliable bits of kit and they do their jobs well. However, as with all consumable parts, they need to be replaced eventually, especially in the cooler months where car batteries tend to be impacted by the drop in temperature. 

With increased technology in new vehicles, the demand on electrical systems has skyrocketed. This, in turn, has forced battery manufacturers to use more complex components to keep up with the vehicles they are fitted to.

Gone are the days when you could pick up a car battery relatively cheaply, as most vehicles under five years of age require specific battery types to allow the vehicle’s systems to operate correctly.

Older vehicles can still use the older style batteries, but it may be beneficial to use a more modern variety, as one with the latest technology is likely to outlast the older style battery.

Small cars

For smaller vehicles, you may be looking at anywhere between $80 to $200 for a decent quality battery, and one that has a long warranty.

Most of the larger manufacturers provide new batteries with 2 or 3 years’ warranty, as long as they are installed and used correctly.

Newer vehicles

In newer vehicles, especially luxury vehicles that are crammed full of features, battery pricing can range from $150 to $350 and above. In some cases, and depending on your vehicle and the type of battery you fit, a battery can cost over $1,000.

These vehicles have complex battery monitoring systems, as well as alternators that are controlled by the engine control unit (ECU) to regulate how much power is needed, and require a battery with silver calcium construction.

These batteries are more stable, hold charge over longer periods (some can last 6+ years when used correctly), are able to handle the increased power demands of newer vehicles and are less susceptible to temperature fluctuation.

Using the wrong type of battery in this kind of vehicle will cause starting issues, as well as problems with many of the electrical systems, and may leave you stranded on the side of the road.


It's super important to have a battery that works well so that your vehicle starts reliably when you need it most.

The easiest way to get a new battery installed in your vehicle is through AutoGuru! We'll connect you to battery specialists in your area for the supply and fitment of your new battery, it's super easy!

All prices are estimates.

Joel Ilton

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Joel Ilton

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Joel is now the Workshop Manager at Robina Volkswagen.