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Average running costs for Australia's SUVs

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Updated 12 Oct 2019

Rita Bonivento

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Over and above the purchase price of your car, just how much money are you committing to servicing and fuel every year?

From our national network of more than 1,600 workshops and mobile mechanics, AutoGuru has compiled and compared the true annual cost of five of Australia’s top-selling and most-popular SUVs.

The SUV market is the largest growth category when it comes to vehicles sold in Australia – We can’t get enough of them!

Useful for carting the family around during the week, and then escaping the city for a camping trip on the weekend, SUVs are versatile vehicles that have taken over from larger vehicles as the car of choice for many families.

Allowing the versatility of 5 or 7 seats, they are also a great alternative to a people mover.

But what about servicing costs?

The table below shows the average SUV servicing cost per annum based on a 10-year logbook service schedule, and the annual fuel cost, based on the average distance Australians drive per year.







Mazda CX-5


10,000 km / 12 months




Check out the servicing schedule & cost for your CX-5

Nissan X-Trail


10,000 km / 6 months




Check out the servicing schedule & cost for your X-Trail

Volkswagen Touareg


15,000 km / 12 months




Check out the servicing schedule & cost for your VW Touareg

Holden Captiva


15,000 km / 9 months




Check out the servicing schedule & cost for your Captiva

Toyota RAV4


10,000 km / 6 months




Check out the servicing schedule & cost for your RAV4

We have taken a variety of SUVs for this comparison, all of which incorporate a timing chain – meaning there is no interval for replacement like a timing belt. This saves on servicing costs over the life of the vehicle.

That said, the Nissan X-Trail and the Toyota RAV are the most expensive to service, primarily due to the fact that both require a service every six months.

The VW Touareg has $730 service every 60,000 km, and jumps up again at 120,000km to $950. Service intervals other than these are $340 to $460.

The Mazda CX-5 has a relatively even price structure for its servicing; between $230 and $470, and is serviced every 10,000 km / 12 months. The most expensive service is at 200,000km / 20 years, and is priced at $540.

The CX-5 seems to be the class leader in this category, in both fuel economy and servicing costs.

Just remember when purchasing an SUV rather than the equivalent medium or large car, other maintenance components such as tyres and brakes, may be more expensive over the life of the vehicle.

Now, imagine a seamless segue here...

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Image credits: Nissan X-Trail - the nrma; Mazda CX-5 (cropped) - Georg Sander

All data gathered in September 2016. 

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Rita Bonivento

Rita’s a Gold Coast dweller who’s been wordsmithing for ages. She started out at Michelin Melbourne 22 years ago, & an avid traveller, has written in the marketing arena all over the world since then.

Her first car was a 1970 VW wagon she inherited from her dad. She’s had a few vehicles since then with an overall Toyota theme coz she reckons they do the best air con for the Aussie heat.