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Average running costs For Australia's Medium and Large cars

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Updated 12 Oct 2019

Rita Bonivento

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The medium and large car segment in Australia is not as big as it once was.

Gone are the days of every family having a Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon in the drive way.

The increasing cost of fuel and living means that many families have looked at other segments to provide transport for the family, whether it be a more fuel efficient smaller car, or a diesel powered SUV.

With Ford, Holden and Toyota closing their local factories, sales of larger cars are a shadow of what they once were.

There are still many quality vehicles in this category though, with contenders from Japan and Europe stepping up to fill the gaps left by the Aussie makes. The Skoda Octavia and Subaru Liberty are two of these vehicles, providing the space of a larger vehicle, with the fuel efficiency of a smaller car.

If you’re in the market for a large car and you’d like to know the lifetime maintenance costs before you purchase, we’ve made the comparison easy. Check out the table below:







Ford Falcon


15,000 km / 12 months




Check out the servicing schedule & cost for your Falcon

Holden Commodore


15,000 km / 9 months




Check out the servicing schedule & cost for your Commodore

Toyota Aurion


15,000 km / 9 months




Check out the servicing schedule & cost for your Aurion

Skoda Octavia


15,000 km / 12 months




Check out the servicing schedule & cost for your Octavia

Subaru Liberty


12,500 km / 6 months




Check out the servicing schedule & cost for your Liberty

The Holden and the Ford are neck and neck when it comes to running costs.

For years, they’ve battled at showrooms and racetracks around the country, and this time, it’s the Commodore that comes out on top – but only by a nose.

The Commodore costs more to service, but its 3.6 litre engine is more fuel efficient than the larger 4 litre engine in the Ford.

Both lose out to the Subaru and Skoda though, as the smaller engine rivals blitz them in fuel economy.

The Subaru does require servicing more regularly than its rivals, every 6 months or 12,500km – whichever comes first, compared to 15,000km or 9 months for the Holden and Toyota and 12 months for the Skoda and Ford.

All cars in this category see a spike in service cost around each 60,000 — 110,000 km. The Toyota Aurion has a service cost of around $750 every 90,000 km, the Skoda Octavia $650 each 60,000 km, and the Subaru Liberty $570 every 112,000 km. The Falcon and the Commodore see a higher-priced service every 90,000 km, at $476 and $530 respectively.

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Image credits: Holden Commodore - Jeremy; Ford Falcon XR6- James

All data gathered in September 2016.

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Rita Bonivento

Rita’s a Gold Coast dweller who’s been wordsmithing for ages. She started out at Michelin Melbourne 22 years ago, & an avid traveller, has written in the marketing arena all over the world since then.

Her first car was a 1970 VW wagon she inherited from her dad. She’s had a few vehicles since then with an overall Toyota theme coz she reckons they do the best air con for the Aussie heat.