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4 reasons not to bring your own parts to a mechanic

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Updated 11 Oct 2019Kelsie Gilbert
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Let’s face it – there’s no such thing as the perfect car that doesn’t ever need a visit to the mechanic.

Now, the mechanic visit or trip to the workshop can be very costly and, after inspection, your mechanic might give you a list of expensive auto parts that are needed, increasing the cost of your repairs substantially.

As a scrupulous saver, you may be itching to go out and buy the parts listed to reduce the potential cost of your repair bill.

Even though it might save you up to 20% of the total repair charges, here’s why we do not consider this to be a smart idea when it comes to an effective repair or service visit to the mechanic.

1. No warranty for the parts you bought

The mechanic will consider the parts you’ve bought in question, because you bought them.

Thus, the workshop or mechanic is not going to give any warranty for such parts.

Why? Because the parts might have been recommended by the mechanic, but they are unaware of the material used and the performance of the part.

So if you’re getting new brakes installed in your car and they somehow fail to perform, you can’t hold the workshop or mechanic responsible for what happened to you.

To avoid getting sub-standard parts, it’s always better to let the experienced mechanic make the call for your car parts.

After all, he’s an expert at checking the part’s compatibility and knowing what’s really suitable for your car.

2. The mechanic or workshop could be held legally responsible
Even though the mechanic didn’t guarantee the parts you bought but agreed to install the parts you supplied, the mechanic or workshop can be held legally liable for the parts that they installed.

Chances are that they would be charged and punished for installing car parts they didn’t purchase or couldn’t guarantee.

3. You might not be right
Come on now, wouldn’t you have done it on your own if you were so confident of your expert car knowledge?

Yes, even though the mechanic told you that oil filters were needed, you might not be able to buy and get the right ones in time.

Hence, it’s better not to waste your time or money and let the mechanic sort it out.

4. It is a hassle in itself
Are you willing to run from one place to another, searching for the necessary parts all over town, just to save a few dollars?

Getting the right parts for the job is not an easy task and should really be done in person, rather than over the phone, to ensure you’re comparing apples with apples.

Your time is worth more than that, not to mention the cost of petrol when driving from store to store. All this and there’s still no guarantee of quality.

So trust in your mechanic and his skills. Yes, the process will cost you a bit more but you’ll avoid the hassle and get the best possible parts for your car repairs. Quality and safety are far more important than money!

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Written ByKelsie Gilbert

Kelsie is a luxury car enthusiast and loves to live life in the fast lane

With a passion for educating every day Aussie’s to better care for their cars and also help mechanics market their business online, you’ll find Kelsie in the Marketing Team at AutoGuru.