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Women & exotic car culture the focus of Her Supercar Life

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Updated 25 Mar 2021


Rachael Reid has spent her life around cars. From helping her older brother restore and tweak Holden VBs, VLs and Toranas, to racing go-karts and Formula 440s, to doing burnouts at Supercar events and being Miss Indy, cars have been a central feature of her life.

And they remain so, with the now 36-year-old mum of three continuing her passion for cars, and in particular supercars, through the development of HerSupercarLife (HSL) – a brand and online presence that spans a website; a YouTube channel; Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages, and in all of which exotic cars and a luxury lifestyle loom large.

Of course, there is no shortage of this type of luxury and supercar content on the internet, but there is a significant point of difference that Rachael and HSL intend to bring to the table.

For the budding social media heavyweight, the point of HSL is not just about featuring fantastic-looking cars and indulging her own passion for them - although Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens and all the other famous and exotic brands do feature heavily. Instead, said Rachael, HSL is about creating a place and a community for women who share an interest in the power, speed and luxury lifestyle these cars represent and who want to learn more about it all. At its core, she said, HSL is about women enjoying, talking about, and being involved in that automotive culture.

“HSL is not just about me, it’s aimed at women, at all women,” said Rachael. “That is why it’s called ‘Her’ Supercar Life.

“It is OK for women to know about these cars and to be interested in them, and HSL is a place where they can go and connect and hopefully find it all really relatable.”

The idea for HSL was born a couple of years ago after Rachael watched some car-focused YouTube videos and realised that, for the most part, it was the male-oriented nature of automotive culture that was being reflected in the online content – lots of footage of blokes poking about in engines talking about horsepower and torque. There was a gap, it seemed, for someone to give a more feminine perspective on things.

“I started HSL because of my own passion for cars, but also because there are lots of women like me who are interested in them too – women who love these cars and what they represent, who want to get involved but have few places to go. They can’t relate to most of the online stuff because that content isn’t made for them.

“I also realised that no one was looking at this from the point of view of mums,” she added. “Mums really enjoy these cars too. I know they do because the mums at my children’s school love them and really love to talk about them!”

With the idea formed, Rachael put out feelers to her contacts in the industry and the rest, as they say, is (recent) history. A growing number of followers across social media, including a whopping 50,000 on Instagram (as of July 2019), has proved there is a market for female-focused exotic car and luxury lifestyle content.

Just over 12 months into the project and this focus on the automotive interests of women is being noticed, with Rachael recently being invited to join Lamborghini’s Female Advisory Board (FAB). A worldwide initiative from the Italian supercar maker, the FAB is an international network of some 200 influential women in business and culture and was established to give Lamborghini insights from a new perspective.

Being invited onto such a Board is no small thing.

“I’m definitely looking forward to see what I can offer them,” says Rachael. “They’ve welcomed me with open arms, and I am feeling very excited to be given the opportunity to work with such a group of women.”

While HSL offers fun content around Rachael’s auto adventures, there are big plans underway to make it a must-visit destination for women interested not only in viewing supercar culture, but also for those wanting to obtain finance, rent a supercar and more. There are also plans to develop and organise supercar events, and it’s all designed to give people everywhere a way to be involved in the luxury side of the automotive world and be a part of a growing community of supercar enthusiasts.

There’s still some work to do be done but putting in the hard yards is part of Rachael’s philosophy – a philosophy that has, not surprisingly, both an automotive and aspirational flavour.

“You hold the key to what you do with your life,” she said with a laugh. “So, grab it by the steering wheel and keep driving to the finish line.”

Join the ride and follow Her Supercar Life on Instagram and Facebook

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