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What the 'L' is going on? Thoughts from a soon-to-be L-Plater


Updated 3 Dec 2019


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AutoGuru wanted to know what a young person thought about learning to drive. Sophie took up the challenge, and here are her thoughts.

Learning to drive. Quite possibly one of the most daunting and exciting moments in someone’s life. So much to learn and so much to do. However, the freedom and independence of having your own car and having endless possibilities of places to go is pretty awesome (within reason of course).

My name is Sophie and I’m getting my L plates in a few months when I turn 16. I’m not going to lie, the idea of being out on the open road and driving is terrifying.

Getting your L plates is the first step towards driving. There are lots of hours of driving involved and there is an online test you have to complete in order to get not only your Ls but your licence too. But it’s all worth it right?

I am concerned about the number of road rules I have to learn. I’m worried there will be a moment when I mentally blank or forget a rule and my supervising passengers will get mad and cause a stressful situation. That would not be ideal and could scare me off the roads and not want to get into the driver’s seat again.

Also, I am worried that some other drivers on the road won’t have the respect, patience or understanding for someone new to driving. The intolerance people may have towards a learning driver is stupid. They had to start somewhere too.

Ideally, a new L-plater would want the roads to be quiet, respectful and orderly. However, this is not always the case and it can be a steep learning curve understanding how to manoeuvre around the roads.

The idea of car accidents is the frightening thought in the back of your head and one that no driver, or anyone for that matter, wants to think about. It’s the same way a surfer would treat going surfing - they don’t want to be thinking about what potentially lurks beneath.

Being involved in a car crash would be nerve-racking, especially for a learner driver. Cars racing at a high speed or just generally driving dangerously could easily be considered a deadly weapon. Particularly larger vehicles, which can be a lot more intimidating.

On the bright side, there are lots of positives that come with having your L plates, your own car and driver’s licence. For example, you can drive yourself where YOU want to go. Maybe just save the Great Ocean road ‘til you’re a bit more experienced.

Another benefit is the feeling of independence and freedom, and knowing you won’t have to rely on others to get you places when you need or want to go somewhere.

In conclusion, getting you L plates can be scary but also very exciting. If you’re well prepared and know what you’re doing everything will be fine for the most part. Just remember to pace yourself and go within your own limits.


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