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Top 10 caravan towing tips - Bendix & Trip In A Van


Updated 3 Jun 2021


Staying safe whilst on the road is super important. 

It becomes even more important when you're towing a trailer of any kind behind you. 

Realising that driving whilst towing a trailer isn't quite the same as driving without one, could be the difference between you and your car arriving safely at your destination or not.

Bendix has teamed up with Trip In A Van to share their top 10 tips on how to tow safely in their RoadTrip Australia series.

Trip In A Van's RoadTrip Australia series is all about being on a full-time road trip, towing a caravan... around Australia. It's all in the name really. 

But with that comes heaps of experience towing their camper van over many different road surfaces, climates and conditions.

Check out the video above to hear what they have to say, based on their experience, about towing safely.


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