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Cruise control: Sydney cruise ship parking deals

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Updated 5 Feb 2020


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Going on a cruise? Then you’ll no doubt be looking forward to a few days of relaxation, of enjoying a Piña Colada cocktail or three in the bar, the gastronomic delights of the on-board buffet, the stage shows, the clubs, and everything else these magnificent cities of the sea have to offer.

If you’re travelling from Sydney, then you’ll be boarding your cruise liner from either Circular Quay on the edge of the CBD or the White Bay Cruise Terminal at Balmain (just around the corner and under the Harbour Bridge from the Opera House).

These are popular spots – it’s unlikely there’s a more attractive place to embark on a cruise than from Sydney Harbour - and being so close to both the CBD and the entertainment centre that is Darling Harbour means if you’re going to drive yourself and your family to the cruise ship terminal, then you’ll have to take some time to think about where you’re going to park.

The options

Neither the cruise terminal at Circular Quay or at White Bay have long-term parking options and parking bang in the middle or on the edge of any major metropolitan CBD is mind-bogglingly expensive – casual parking rates can be as high as $50-70 for just two to three hours.

However, while casual rates certainly are pricey, most car parking operations, including the big boys such as Wilson Parking and Secure Parking, offer online booking services that are a good deal more reasonable and their parking locations are within shooting distance of the cruise terminals.

Whatever you do when it comes to parking, do it online. Booking in advance through parking operators’ websites not only ensures you’ll have a guaranteed spot for the time you’re on your cruise, but that you’ll be able to do so for a price that won’t involve remortgaging your home.

Rates of around the $20-$25 per day are common through these online portals.

However, there are even more discounted parking options available if you know where to look, with companies specialising in such offers springing up online with their services also available via smartphone apps.

Parkingdealsaustralia.com.au is offering a ‘Sydney cruise ship parking’ deal for $17 per day at a secure, undercover, location just a short Uber drive from Circular Quay and White Bay.

If you didn't think it could get better then that, they've also got a deal running at a carpark on Botany Rd. You can park here for a flat rate of just $13 per day

This Sydney Cruise Ship Parking option is located roughly 20 minutes away from the harbour, but that slightly longer drive allows you to access a cheaper rate.

This fully undercover and secure carpark is accessible by you 24/7.

The art of enjoying your cruise – any holiday really – is for the whole episode to be a smooth and stress-free experience. Book your parking well in advance, take advantage of the discounts and deals that are out there, and those Piña Colada cocktails will taste a whole lot sweeter.

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