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Sydney airport parking deals

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Updated 11 Oct 2019AutoGuru
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Sydney airport is the busiest airport in Australia with nearly 50 million passengers shuffling through its three terminals every year. That’s a lot of people and, not surprisingly, quite a few of them want to take advantage of parking at or near the airport.

It pays, therefore, to plan ahead. If you don’t, you could be in for a headache as you search for somewhere to park, and a migraine when you see how much it’s going to cost.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Sydney Airport’s three terminals are split between international and domestic flights. Terminal One (T1) is used for international flights, Terminal Two (T2) for domestic flights and Terminal Three (T3) for Qantas domestic flights.

PARKING DEALS Discover Sydney Airport parking deals right at your fingertips.

There’s decent on-site parking and a few options too, depending on which terminal you’re flying from, how much you’re willing to pay, and how far you’re willing to walk to get from your car to the terminal.

You are able to drive up on the day to find a spot but, as with all parking these days, making an online reservation makes much more sense. It’s cheaper, with considerable discounts available when compared with the drive-up rates, plus you will be assured of a parking place.

The options


International travellers will need to look at the P7 car park. A five-minute walk to the T1 terminal, P7 drive-up rates start at $49 for 0-2 hours and $88 for 3-24 hours. Additional days (or parts thereof) come in at $64.

Online booking brings that down considerably. Expect somewhere around the $200 mark for a week – adding on 20% or so if you’re going the valet option.

An online quote check for P7 for the two months from July 1 – Sept 1 gave us a price of $829. That’s for a 63-day stay. Not bad. That rate calculates as a smidge over $13 per day.

However, there are other options out there if you want to look for even better deals.

Not surprisingly, car park operators do have locations near to the airport and they do offer excellent rates and other incentives.

Some operators offer online discount rates starting from $15 per day, and as well as the complimentary shuttle service to the terminal they offer other services, for a fee, such as car washing.

The pick of these deals might be that offered by Parking Deals Australia. The online parking booking site is offering a deal for medium to long-term parking seekers at just $10.45 per day. You can park your pride and joy in a secure, undercover car park and enjoy a free valet shuttle to the airport (about 10 minutes away), as well as free car wash as part of the deal.

If you’re looking for short term options, parkingdealsaustralia.com.au have a few which are definitely worth a look. There’s the budget undercover and outdoor shade cover airport parking options for $16 per day, as well as the premium undercover airport option for $20 per day.

Or, if you're unsure how long you're going to be staying, parkingdealsaustralia.com.au is also offering $15 daily Sydney Airport parking, with no minimum booking required! 

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If you’re flying domestic, then car parks P1 and P2 are closest and offer the shortest walk – less than 5 minutes – to terminals T2 and T3. You can book online through Sydney Airport Parking, and the benefit of doing so becomes clear once you see the drive-up (casual parking) rates. As of July 2019, the drive-up cost at P1 and P2 was $9.70 for up to 30 minutes. Staying more than three hours (and up to 24) will set you back $62. Each additional 24-hour period (or part thereof) costs $62.

Push that out to a week stay and you’re looking at $400 if you don’t book online first.

If you do book online, it means you’ll see a cost of around $50 for the day if that’s all the time you need. A longer stay will see a cheaper daily rate kick in and a week will set you back a little over $200.

Expect a 10-15% premium on top of any price if you want to guarantee a particular parking spot.

So, booking early and online is the way to go.

There are also Valet Parking options at P1 and P2 if you’re really feeling flush and want to pamper yourself as you start your trip. Once again, it’ll cost you a handful of extra bucks.

Car park P3 is a bit further away from the terminals than P1 and P2 (about an 8-minute walk according to the airport website), and it is advertised as having cheaper parking rates. While that is true, don’t expect a massive saving – it won’t be.

Sydney Airport says its cheapest parking option is Blu Emu, which is located within the airport precinct but a 15-minute bus ride from the terminals. Parking is free for the first hour and $34 after that up to 24hours. A week will set you back $128 and then $16 a day after that. Once again, booking online brings things down a bit.

The anticipation of your holiday should not be dimmed by the thought of the battle to find, and pay for, somewhere to park. With a bit of planning, tremendous deals can be found online, ensuring a few extra pennies in your pocket to use on your trip.

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