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Pre-purchase inspection with Redbook

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Updated 21 Apr 2022

Clancy Harrip

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Buying a car is an exciting moment, but it can be an anxious time too.

After all, no matter what car you’re about to buy, chances are it’s going to cost you a fair chunk of change and the last thing you want to discover is that you’ve gone and bought a lemon.

Getting a pre-purchase inspection is just the thing to give you peace of mind on such a major purchase.

Many automotive businesses offer pre-purchase inspections but depending on whether you want a basic inspection or a full comprehensive inspection, it certainly pays to do your research.

The costs can vary significantly depending on the level of inspection offered and other factors such as a mobile service and turnaround time.


Redbook was founded in the 1940’s and continues to be a trusted vehicle valuation and information source for Australians.

Specialising in providing vehicle specifications, valuation and pricing guides, Redbook offers a range of products and services for the automotive consumer.

Redbook’s pre-purchase inspection is carried out over one to three hours depending on the condition of the car in question.

Redbook has a team of qualified mobile mechanics who aim to give you the information you need to make an informed decision on your next vehicle purchase.

Redbook Pre-Purchase Inspection | $260 | Includes a vehicle history report valued at $34

Redbook offers a mid-level, visual only, pre-purchase inspection.


  • Car History Check: All prior history.
  • Body Overview: A comprehensive exterior check including paint and panel, frame and glass condition.
  • Interior: Seat restraints, temperature control, door locks, hinges, dashboard and window operations.
  • Under body inspection: driveline components, frames, steering, suspension, transmission and exhaust.
  • Tyres and wheels: Tyre condition, wheel rims, brake hose, callipers, pipes and wheel bearings.
  • Brakes: A visual inspection of all brake components including brake discs, linings, pads and drums (limited to what is immediately visible).
  • Road test: Engine noise and performance, starting idle, exhaust smoke/emissions, gearbox review, steering, suspension, brake operation, speedo, 4WD (if applicable), cruise control and camshaft/drive belt.

Keep in mind that Redbook’s inspection is visual, meaning the review is limited to what is immediately visible and no removal of parts and components is undertaken during the process.


  • Brakes: Function and lining material and evidence of brake fluid contamination/hydraulic fluid.
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Oil: Meters indicating oil consumption, reasons for oil leaks, and oil pump strainer assessment.
  • Fuel: Fuel consumption.
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Vehicle Electronics: Function of entertainment/audio-visual system, alarm/security devices, satellite navigation, mechanical switching of wipers and lights, LPG systems, air conditioning efficiency, computer and technical systems.
  • Engine: Transmission mechanics, engine cylinder compressions, engine mountings, water pump/fan, body leaks, odometer and camshaft belt, drive belt and timing belt, estimated expiry of engine components including clutch and exhaust system.
  • Additional: Level of gas emissions and status of habitation areas (relevant for motorhomes or caravans).

Redbook offers a professional and reliable service which aims to have your pre-purchase inspection completed within 24 hours of the booking (depending on location and the owner’s availability).

A comprehensive electronic report will also be delivered via email within 24 hours of the inspection being completed.

Alternatively, you can use AutoGuru to choose from a range of high-quality local mechanics to carry out your Pre-Purchase Inspection.

You’re just a few clicks away from getting instant quotes from mechanics in your area, what are you waiting for!

All data gathered in December 2018. 

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