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Melbourne Airport parking: Cheap deals and the best spots

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Updated 21 Dec 2021

Rachel White

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The idea is to splurge on your holiday, not on the parking. Sometimes, it can seem like it’s the other way round as you spend more time online looking for great parking deals than you do booking the cheapest flight.

When did parking get so expensive? Is it still within the budget and a more convenient option to drive to Melbourne airport and catch a flight?

Where is Melbourne Airport?

Also known as Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne Airport (MEL) is the second busiest airport in Australia and services the Melbourne metropolitan area. The airport consists of international and domestic terminals.

Located 23km northwest of the sprawling CBD, Melbourne airport is a major hub for arrivals and departures in Australia. If you live in Melbourne, access to the rest of the world is close at hand.

Parking at Melbourne Airport

There are numerous privately-run park and ride companies within a quick 10-minute shuttle bus ride of Melbourne airport.

Discount Airport Parking

Discount Airport Parking at Melbourne Airport has both indoor and outdoor parking options. Prices can vary depending on where you choose to park your car.

First Choice Airport Parking

You're spoilt for choice at First Choice Airport Parking, they've got indoor and outdoor parking options.

Pink Elephant Parking

You can park indoors or outdoors at Pink Elephant Airport Parking Melbourne Airport. 

Absolutely Parking

Absolutely Parking has indoor and outdoor parking options. 

What to consider when looking for a car park

  • Check you have 24/7 access to your car
  • Is the parking secure and under video surveillance?
  • Is it a marked bay or will the vehicle be parked bumper to bumper and moved around whilst you're away?
  • Is the shuttle bus available on demand?
  • Do you have to book in advance?
  • Will the vehicle be undercover?
  • Is the vehicle covered by insurance while on-premises?

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